CSCI 150

LABS & PROJECT—Hands-On Learning

This is a designated Natural Science course in the Common Curriculum, and it therefore has a required laboratory component. There is an 80-minute lab period scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday that is a class day throughout the semester. Most lab periods will have a set of lab excerises to complete for that lab, and some will also have a pre-lab exercise that must be completed before the scheduled lab time; a few of the lab periods will have a lab quiz or project presentation instead of the usual lab structure. It is your responsibility to insure that you receive credit for each lab by showing your work to the lab instructor or one of the TAs.

While the labs are designed to be completed in the allotted 80 minutes, if you don't complete the lab in that time, you may receive full credit by presenting it at the beginning of the first scheduled lab of the next week (usually a Tuesday). Labs may presented by the beginning of the next following lab for a 20% penalty; there will also be a separate 20% penalty if you had an unexcused absence for the lab but complete the lab within the allotted time. There will be no credit for labs that are more than one lab late.

There will be one programming project worth 13 points. It will be due on Tuesday, December 12, the last lab period. The project can be either a Python programming project or an Excel programming project.

Links to the lab write-ups

Date Lab Name Pre-lab Write-up
08/29 Lab 0 Problem-Solving with Human Computers none Lab 0 write-up
08/31 Lab 1 Excel Basics Lab 1 pre-lab Lab 1 write-up
09/05 Lab 2 Excel Functions and Forecasting Lab 2 pre-lab Lab 2 write-up
09/07 Lab 3 Basic Robotic and Python Programming none Lab 3 writeup
09/12 Lab 4 Introduction to Python and JES Lab 4 pre-lab Lab 4 write-up
09/14 Lab 5a Selection in Python Lab 5 pre-lab Lab 5 write-up
09/19 Lab 5b Selection in Python Lab 5 pre-lab Lab 5 write-up
09/21 Lab 6 Introduction to Loops in Python Lab 6 pre-lab Lab 6 write-up
09/26 Lab 7 Loops and Images in Python 1 Lab 7 pre-lab Lab 7 write-up
10/03 Lab 8 Loops and Images in Python 2 Lab 8 pre-lab Lab 8 write-up
10/05 Lab 9 File Input and Strings in Python none Lab 9 write-up
10/10 Lab 10 Sound Files in Python Lab 10 pre-lab Lab 10 write-up
10/24 Lab 12 Accessing Web Data Lab 12 pre-lab Lab 12 write-up
10/26 Lab 13 Robot Programming 2 none Lab 13 write-up
10/31 Lab 14 VBA Macros in Excel 1 Lab 14 pre-lab Lab 14 write-up
11/02 Lab 14b, 15a VBA Macros in Excel 1 & 2 Lab 15 pre-lab Lab 15 write-up
11/07 Lab 15b VBA Macros in Excel 2 Lab 15 pre-lab Lab 15 write-up
11/14 Lab 17 Representing Integer Data Lab 17 pre-lab Lab 17 write-up
11/16 Lab 18 Representing Floating-Point and Text Data Lab 18 pre-lab Lab 18 write-up
11/21 Lab 19 Circuit Design Lab 19 pre-lab Lab 19 write-up
11/28 Lab 20 Designing Circuits to Solve Problems Lab 20 pre-lab Lab 20 write-up
11/30 Lab 21 Machine and Assembly Language Lab 21 pre-lab Lab 21 write-up