CSCI 239

EXAMS & HOMEWORK—Formal Learning Evaluation

There will be three in-class exams, worth 15 points each, and a final exam worth 30 points. The lowest in-class exam score or half of the final exam score, whichever is lower, will be dropped to make a total of 60 possible points for the exams. Unless I tell you otherwise, exams will be closed book and notes. The course schedule lists all exam times, and you are responsible for keeping those times clear in your schedule. There will be no makeups for unexcused, missed exams.

There will be homework assigned from the textbook for most class days, and a significant portion of the class itself will assume you have completed the homework exercises. The zyBooks system will report your progress on the exercise to me, including how much you complete and when you complete it. If you complete 80% of the exercises on time, you'll get full credit for the homework.