CSCI 239

LABS—Connecting Discrete Mathematics with Computing

The labs in this course will include learning Haskell programming, using Haskell programs and other computing tools to facilitate mathematical work, and using mathematical reasoning to write better, more accurate programs. The labs are an essential part of the course, and material learned in lab will be included in the course exams. A few of the labs may have a pre-lab exercise, which you are required to do before your scheduled lab time; when there is a pre-lab exercise, it will count a half-point of the two points allocated to each lab. See the page on attendance for more information on requirements for attending and completing labs.

Links to the lab write-ups

Lab Name Links
Lab 1 Introduction to Haskell Pre-lab, Write-up
Lab 2 Verifying propositions with Haskell Pre-lab, Write-up
Lab 3 Haskell Lists Write-up
Lab 4 Haskell Functions 1 Write-up
Lab 5 Haskell Data Structures Write-up
Lab 6 Vectors and Matrices Write-up
Lab 7 Inductive Proofs Write-up
Lab 8 Haskell Functions 2 Write-up
Lab 9 Recurrence relations Write-up
Lab 10 Pattern Matching Write-up
Lab 11 Counting and Probabilities Write-up