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Elizabeth T. Knuth's Home Page

You know the drill. Some of these are sites I especially like, but I concentrate on what I have done online, and sites where I have contributed.

The retro look: I didn't like the way the background image looks on a different operating system, so I will be phasing out at least that image.

Christian Literature

Catholicism, Orthodoxy



The Obligatory Computer and Web Stuff

My ObComputing Directory * points to info on my computer, low-tech web page creation, reviews of HTML authoring tools, and how I pick links for "official" pages at the libraries and the Order of St. Benedict.


Descriptions of and links to various newsgroups * in which I lurk or participate.

Reverse Links

I don't mean to brag, but a number of other people have pointed their visitors to me. Find out who the culprits * are. And maybe you'd like to visit them, too.

A Little About Me

No relation to the more famous Knuth, as far as I know, but I do like the usage notes in the Jargon File 4.4.7. Cradle Catholic. Graduated with High Honors from East Texas State University (12K text, 50K graphics), now called Texas A&M - Commerce, where I double-majored in photography and printing. After college, I worked for seven years as a printer, including a stint in Mennonite Voluntary Service. (21K text, 36K graphics). I earned an M.Div., plus an M.A. in theology, from the School of Theology * at St. John's University * in Collegeville, Minn. Currently employed as a cataloging associate at Alcuin Library *, at St. John's.

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