A Word About BMG Music Service Numbers

BMG Music Service and Sound & Spirit music clubs use different numbers, depending on whether the listing is on the World Wide Web, in a mailing sent to members, or in a magazine or newspaper advertisement. Their web site uses seven-digit numbers, catalogs mailed to members have six digits, and their ads typically have only five.

The same numbers apply to CDs and cassettes. The number for a CD is preceded by a D, and the number for a cassette is preceded by a C.

But maybe you want to use a card found in a magazine to order an album you found on the web. Or maybe you saw something in an ad, but you're already a member, and need six digits to put on your member order card. Here's how to go from one kind of number to another:

From 7 digits (web) to 6 (member order card):
Lop off the last number.
Máire Brennan's Perfect Time,
order number 1222512 on the web,
becomes 122251 if you're using a member order card.
From 7 digits (web) to 5 (ad):
Delete the first and last digits.
Shirley Caesar's album Live in Chicago,
number 1169713 on the web,
becomes 16971 if you're using the order form from an advertisement.
From 6 digits (member catalog) to 5 (ad):
Cut off the first digit.
PFR's The Late Great PFR,
number 121315 in a member catalog,
becomes 21315 if you're using the order form from an ad.
From 5 digits (ad) to 6 (member order card):
If it's Christian music, consult my lists for artists A-L, M-Z, and albums by "various artists". If it's not on my list, use the search at the official BMG site, and then lop off the last digit, as described above.
From 5 digits (ad) or 6 digits (member catalog) to 7 (web):
If it's Christian music, use the number you have on my Quick Search page. If it's not in my database, use the search at the official BMG site.

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