Unofficial BMG Sound and Spirit Christian Music Guide

This unofficial guide aims to help members of the Sound and Spirit music club, as well as members of BMG Music Service who enjoy Christian music. It could also serve prospective members who want to see what's available before they take the plunge.

My unofficial guide offers some things that the official BMG Music Service site doesn't. My search feature allows you to search by price, by format, by length, or to perform more complex searches. If you enjoy more than one kind of music, or if you sometimes have trouble guessing which category BMG thinks your favorite recording artist fits, you might think it's a plus that I haven't sorted musicians by their style of music. (If you want a giggle sometime, go see what the BMG site has listed in the "Inspirational" category.)

The official site has playlists and sound clips for some albums. The catalog and prices will be up to date. And you can place an order there.

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