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What can you draw with letters and numbers? But beware running afoul of another of my favorites.
Breaking news on the latest computer viruses, evaluation of anti-virus measures, experienced denizens who can point you to good resources.
Dedicated to skewering .sigs which exceed the McQuary limit (4 lines x 80 characters) in newsgroups. Here's a free clue (63K text, 1K graphics).
Heard that a dying boy wants postcards to get in the Guinness Book of World Records? Read the AFU FAQ, and lurk on this group devoted to urban legends. By the way, the rumor given as an example here is false.
Superseded by ciwah (see below), but still a friendly place to find advice.
I wouldn't say this is one of my favorites, exactly. It is overrun with trolls. But it is the most active newsgroup about Catholicism.
The Christia list aims to discuss "practical Christian living." It is predominantly evangelical.
A self-moderated group. If you are interested in learning CGI or Perl, you will find a welcome reception here, unlike in another group devoted to Perl.
A busy group. Sometimes has lots of posturing on both sides. Do yourself a favor and read the FAQ before you ask for the 5000th time how to "force" a subject line in an e-mail form or open two frames with one link.
Taking the plunge? You couldn't want a more helpful group to get you jumpstarted in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Linux. No wonder InfoWorld named the Linux user community as best tech support of the year.
A very busy forum. No, they do not want to see your poetry or short story. Basically, it's a place where writers can seek advice or just goof off.
If you receive unwanted or abusive e-mail, check this group to find where to send your complaints.
Discussion of miscellaneous abuse of the Internet.
Where to report Net abuse. Moderated group.
This newsgroup is dedicated to tracking and eliminating spam and other abuse of Usenet. If you see the same message (usually an ad) in many groups or run into a "Make Money Fast" scheme on the Net, read this group to see if any action is being taken.
My country-and-western goddess.
A very busy forum, tends to have a lot of posts on Contemporary Christian music and "alternative" music, but covers the spectrum from classical to gospel. RMC readers may be interested in my Unofficial BMG Sound and Spirit Christian Music Guide.
Low traffic, and erratic feed. But interesting range of topics and opinions.
A feisty bunch. Since this group is unmoderated, it is occasionally overrun by anti-Catholic trolls.

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