The Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic



Like the apostle James, or the leper in Mark's Gospel (1:40) or St. Stephen (Acts 7:60), St. Dominic prayed for divine mercy for everyone. He would look upon the crucifix, gazing intently on Christ on the Cross, kneeling down, then getting up, over and over again. Sometimes he could not contain his voice, saying, "To you Lord, will I cry, do not turn away from me in silence . . . " (Psalm 27:1).

But other times he spoke only in his heart, kneeling, with his mind caught up in wonder. This sometimes lasted a long time. When he was praying like this, he seemed to have entered into the spiritual heavens. His face would flash with joy, and, wiping away the tears running down his face, he would be filled with the desire for God.

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