Translation and Notes by Alexander Roberts

From: A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, Second Series, Volume 11

New York, 1894



El Greco's "St. Martin and the Beggar" (23K thumbnail, link to 132K version)

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CHAPTER I. Reasons for writing the Life of St. Martin.
CHAPTER II. Military Service of St. Martin.
CHAPTER III. Christ appears to St. Martin.
CHAPTER IV. Martin retires from Military Service.
CHAPTER V. Martin converts a Robber to the Faith.
CHAPTER VI. The Devil throws himself in the Way of Martin.
CHAPTER VII. Martin restores a Catechumen to Life.
CHAPTER VIII. Martin restores one that had been strangled.
CHAPTER IX. High Esteem in which Martin was held.
CHAPTER X. Martin as Bishop of Tours.
CHAPTER XI. Martin demolishes an Altar consecrated to a Robber.
CHAPTER XII. Martin causes the Bearers of a Dead Body to stop.
CHAPTER XIII. Martin escapes from a Falling Pine-tree.
CHAPTER XIV. Martin destroys Heathen Temples and Altars.
CHAPTER XV. Martin offers his Neck to an Assassin.
CHAPTER XVI. Cures effected by St. Martin.
CHAPTER XVII. Martin casts out Several Devils.
CHAPTER XVIII. Martin performs Various Miracles.
CHAPTER XIX. A Letter of Martin effects a Cure, with Other Miracles.
CHAPTER XX. How Martin acted towards the Emperor Maximus.
CHAPTER XXI. Martin has to do with both Angels and Devils.
CHAPTER XXII. Martin preaches Repentance even to the Devil.
CHAPTER XXIII. A Case of Diabolic Deception.
CHAPTER XXIV. Martin is tempted by the Wiles of the Devil.
CHAPTER XXV. Intercourse of Sulpitius with Martin.
CHAPTER XXVI. Words cannot describe the Excellences of Martin.
CHAPTER XXVII. Wonderful Piety of Martin.

Notes [13K].

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Life of St. Martin, plain text [83K].

Illustration: El Greco, "St. Martin and the Beggar", oil, 1597-99, held by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Link above leads to a 132K version, in color.

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