HTML Editor Add-Ons for Windows 3.x

As noted in HTML Editors for Windows 3.x Reviewed, many HTML editing programs could be much more serviceable if only they had another feature or two. In some cases, add-ons are available to make up for the missing functions in HTML editors. Here are a few add-ons I have tested.

Color Pickers

Color Browser
Crippleware. $10. 237K unzipped. Browser-safe palette.
Color Manipulation Device
Nagware. Allows preview of chosen colors with background image. Body tags only--inconvenient for font color. Allegedly "supports" browser-safe palette, but I couldn't figure out how.

Global Search and Replace

Commercial, $10, 30-day demo. Allows regular expressions, case-sensitive or case-insensitive, wild cards, prompt on replace, replace all in one file, replace in all selected files, or edit by hand in the built-in editor or your choice of editing tool. Other nifty features. Free upgrades forever for registered users.


Web Design Group, HTML 3.2 (Wilbur) Reference
Available as a Windows help file.

Imagemap Editors

Caveat: I have not had occasion to use imagemaps, but do think they can be useful.
Map This!
Version 1.31 (filename mpths131.exe) was the last freeware version of this popular imagemap utility before its author went commercial. No longer being developed.
Commercial, $10, 30-day (or 100 saves, if that comes first) demo. Site licenses available.


Spell Check
Shareware, $9. Unzipped, about 1M. English dictionary only. Custom user word list. Runs minimized on top of other Windows applications until you need it. Works in Notepad, clipboard, Eudora, another Windows editor I tried. Doesn't work in Anansi. Free upgrades for registered users.
Spell Checker for Edit Boxes
Freeware for individual users. Requires Windows 3.1x. Dictionaries for 9 languages available, custom user word lists. Works in Notepad and DominHTML, but not in clipboard or Anansi.

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