What Is the Religious Humor List?

Here is the description for REHU-L found in A Shortlist of Discussion Forums for Theologians. For the most part, it is still applicable to REHU's successor, RELHUMOR-LIST.

Name: REHU-L


This list (REligious HUmor) is an unmoderated forum for holy hilarity and religious revelry. The primary purpose of the list is to provide an arena for the escalation of occasional humor interjected into the dominantly serious discourse of ECCHST-L (Ecclesiastical History), but non-Ecchsters are welcome as well. The list is UNMODERATED, but not UNMONITORED. The list owner will intervene in the case of egregious offensiveness or ad hominem attacks (EXCEPT IN CASES WHERE IT IS WELL DESERVED).

I would add two notes about what RELHUMOR is not.

  1. RELHUMOR is not a "joke list". It is a discussion list. Jokes and humorous stories are of course welcome. But between swapping jokes, the denizens of the list banter with each other. And it can be serious too. Longtime list members care about each other, and you may find prayer requests mixed in with the more lighthearted fare.

  2. RELHUMOR is not a Christian list. To be sure, many of the list members are Christian. But we also have a fairly strong Jewish contingent, some agnostics, and even the occasional Buddhist. Proselytizing is not welcomed.

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