The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus, of the Order of Our Lady of Carmel

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Teresa of Avila. The Life of St.áTeresa of Jesus, of the Order of Our Lady of Carmel. Trans. David Lewis. Ed. Benedict Zimmerman. 3rd ed. enl. London: T. Baker; New York: Benziger,á1904.

This entire book is in the public domain in the United States. The translation itself is in the public domain worldwide, but the introduction is still protected by copyright in the United Kingdom until 2008.

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On all electronic versions I have prepared: Corrections suggested in the Corrigenda, p.á[viii] of the original, have been made. Section number added for L 3.9, since both the translator's preface and the index refer to it. Unambiguous end-of-line hyphens removed. Typographical errors in two Scriptural quotations have been corrected: In L 21 note 10, I have changed "QuŠ prŠparavit Deus iis qui" to "QuŠ prŠparavit Deus his qui;" and in L 29 note 12, I have changed "As the longing of the heart" to "As the longing of the hart."


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