Jim Crumley

Professor and Department Chair
Physics Department
107 Peter Engel Science Center
320 363-3183

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Physics 106L - Physics for Health Science 2 Lab
Physics 341 - Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 370 - Advanced Lab

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Physics 191 - Foundations I
Physics 368 - Topics in Space Physics
Honors 279 - Problem Solving Seminar
Honors 370 - Research Seminar

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Educational Background

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Ph. D. in physics (Aug. 2002)
University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S. Nuclear Engineering with an additional major in physics (Aug. 1995).

Research Interests

My main area of research is space physics, which is the study of the plasma environment which fills the space between the planets and the Sun in the solar system. This research involves analysis of data from spacecraft and computer simulations of the phenomena seen in space. My PhD thesis is entitled "Particle Simulations and Polar Spacecraft Observations of Solitary Waves in the Magnetosphere" and I have had a paper based on the same research published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. I am also interested in lightning and the electromagnetic waves that it leads to.

I also work on a variety of other research projects with students. Recently, several projects have focussed on studying meteors and the aurora using the CSB/SJU All-Sky Camera. I have also worked with students on acoustics, aerodynamics, and magnetic field measurement projects.