Contact Information

Instructor: Jim Crumley
Office: 107 Peter Engel Science Center
Phone: 363-3183
Office Hour:1 pm odd days (or by appointment or just stop by)

Course Information

Lecture: 11:20-12:30 pm Days 246
Room: 173 Peter Engel Science Center
Textbook:College Physics by Serway and Faughn, sixth edition, 1 or 2 volume version
Web Site:


Welcome to Physics 105. This course is designed to give you the background in physics in order to better understand processes that you study in your field. Toward this end, we try to incorporate examples and lab activities which show you how the physics being studied can be applied in the “real” world.


Labs are an important part of learning physics. It is important that you come to labs prepared. This means you must read the appropriate sections from the lab manual and do whatever pre-lab work the manual describes before you come to lab. Proper preparation will help you understand the experiments that you are doing and complete the lab activities in the allotted time. More details on the labs are in the lab manuals.

Homework Problems

Suggested homework problems for each chapter are included in the Study Guide. Homework will not be graded, but you should do the problems, since problem solving is a big part of this class. If you don’t do the problems it unlikely that you will do very well on the tests.


The test will have two parts: an individual portion and a group portion. The individual portion of the test will consist of multiple choice questions and problems. The group portion of the test will consist of a more difficult problem that you will solve as a group and hand in one solution. Before each group quiz, there will be at least one practice group quiz so that the groups have a chance to learn to work together. The group test will take place on the class period before the regular test.

The final test will be solely an individual effort.

All of the tests will be closed book and closed notes. You will be given a sheet with all of the equations and constants that you need for the test, though you will have to remember how to apply them.


The grades in this class will be based on 6 grades: lab grades, 3 test grades, the final exam grade and a participation grade. Labs and each of the 3 tests will be worth 15% of the overall grade, while the final exam will be worth 30% and participation will be worth 10%. The participation grade will be based on participation in the practice group tests and other exercises in class.

Course Schedule

Cycle Date SectionsTopics Tests Lab (1-3)
1.2 R 8/28 1.1-1.9Measurement None
1.4 T 9/02 2.1-2.4Position, Velocity
1.6 R 9/04 2.5-2.7Gravity Practice Group Test
2.2M 9/08 3.1-3.3Vectors Uncertainty
2.4W 9/10 3.4Motion in 2 Dimensions Practice Group Test
2.6 F 9/12 3.5-3.6Projectile Motion
3.2 T 9/16 4.1-4.4Newton’s Laws Data Analysis
3.4 R 9/18 4.5Using Newton’s Laws Practice Group Test
3.6M 9/22 4.6Friction
4.2W 9/24 1-4Review Group Test Acceleration of Gravity
4.4 F 9/26 1-4Motion and Forces Test 1
4.6 T 9/30 5.1-5.4Energy
5.2 R 10/02 5.5-5.8Conservation of Energy Reaction Time
5.4M 10/06 6.1-6.2Momentum Practice Group Test
5.6W 10/08 6.3-6.4Collisions
6.2 T 10/14 7.1-7.4Circular Motion Projectile Motion
6.4 R 10/16 7.5-7.6Centripetal Acceleration Practice Group Test
6.6M 10/20 7.7-7.9Law of Gravitation
7.2W 10/22 4-7Review Group Test Ballistic Pendulum
7.4 F 10/24 4-7Energy and Rotation Test 2
7.6 T 10/28 8.1-8.3Torque
8.2 R 10/30 8.4-8.7Angular Acceleration Rotational Motion
8.4M 11/03 9.1-9.3Matter, Pressure Practice Group Test
8.6W 11/05 9.4-9.7Fluids
9.2 F 11/07 9.8-9.10Fluid Properties Archimedes’ Principle
9.4 T 11/11 10.1-10.2Temperature
9.6 R 11/13 10.3Thermal Properties Practice Group Test
10.2M 11/17 10.4-10.6Gases Gas Behavior
10.4W 11/19 8-10Review Group Test
10.6 F 11/21 8-10Matter and Temperature Test 3
11.2 T 11/25 11.1-11.3Heat None
11.4 T 12/02 11.4-11.7Heat Transfer
11.6 R 12/0411.9-11.10Applications of Heat
12.2M 12/08 12.1-12.4Laws of Thermodynamics Assessment Test
12.4W 12/10 12.5-12.8Entropy
12.6 F 12/12 1-12Review
11-1 pmW 12/17 1-12 Final Exam