Physics 191: Foundations of Physics I

Course Links

Syllabus (pdf)
Textbook's websites (Young and Freedman)
Free site from previous version of book
Pay site for current textbook
Moodle page for course Forums and Chats

Problem Solving Suggestions

Problem Solving Advice by Fr. Wilfred Theisen, SJU (emeritus)
How to Study Physics by Len Valley, SJU (emeritus)
Solving Problems in Physics by Dan Styer, Oberlin College

Other Links

Mathematical Tools for Physics by James Nearing - nice overview of many useful topics in mathematics from a physicists perspective.
Simple Nature by Ben Crowell. A free textbook comparable to ours. Takes a different approach to many topics. It is worth a look if you are not a fan of Young and Freedman.
HyperPhysics a nicely linked site that covers most of physics at roughly the same level as this class.