Contact Information

Instructor: Jim Crumley
Office: 107 Peter Engel Science Center
Phone: 363–3183
Office Hour:1 pm odd days (or by appointment or just stop by)

Course Information

Lecture: 8:00–9:10 am Days 135
Room: 167 Peter Engel Science Center
Textbook:Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, Seventh Edition
Web Site:


This course will continue where Physics 200 left off. We will cover the rest of classical physics – thermodynamics, waves, and fluids.

Homework Problems

Assigned homework problems for each chapter are included below. The problems from each chapter will be due the class day after we have finished coving the material from that chapter in class.


The tests will have two parts: an individual portion and a group portion. The individual portion of the tests will consist of multiple choice questions and problems. The group portion of the tests will consist of a more difficult problem that you will solve as a group and hand in one solution. Before each group test, there will be at least one practice group test so that the groups have a chance to learn to work together. The group test will take place on the class period before the regular test. The final test will be solely an individual effort.