Programming Projects

As part of the the Physics 222 Programming class, students had the option to complete a project. The purpose of the projects was to practice putting their computer programming skills to work. Students choice an area of interest to them, wrote a program related to that area, and then descibed the program and its results in a paper in the style of a formal lab write-up. The projects are described below.



Light Table Simulation (pdf) by Adam Schendel
Files for Program - light.f90 , prism3_0207090.f90 , prism3_0306090.f90 , prism3_0454590.f90 , prism3_0606060.f90 , prism3_option.f90 , test_intersects.f90

The Deflection of a Curveball in Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball by Anna Tapio
Files for Program - baseball.dat , curve.f90 , softball.dat

Flight Model of a Golf Ball by Andrew Werner
Program Code - golf_ball.f90

Flight of a Batted Baseball by Lance Wheeler
Program Code - long_ball.f90

Gas Mileage Dependence on Area and Drag Coefficient by Michael Risch-Janson
Files for Program - gas2.f90, cda

Effects of Posture on Arterial Blood Pressure (pdf) by Nicole Kessler
Files for Program - bodyheights , bodyheights2 , bodypressure.f90

A Fortran program to calculate sunrise and sunset by Nick Moe
Program Code - riseset.f90

Planetary Travel via Hohmann Transfers by Derek Schutz
Program Code - projreal.f90

Transistor Amplifier by PX Yeap
Files for Program - transistor_amp_3.f90, currents.txt