Physics : Fortran/C++ for Scientists

Course Links

Syllabus (pdf)
Textbook's website - includes source code from the book and answers to some of the exercises in the book.
Examples from Class
Moodle page for this course - forums, chats, and wikis, oh my!


Homework Checklist
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Assignment 5
Assignment 6



Local Documentation

CSB/SJU Linux Web Site
CSB/SJU Free-NX page - for accessing our Linux boxes from other computers.

Other Links

Obituary for John Backus, the original lead developer of Fortran - contains a nice history of the early days of Fortran and programming.

C ++

C++ Programming HOW-TO: C++ Online Textbooks and Docs
Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel
C++ Tutorials
Online C++ tutorial
PLPLOT - a powerful library for plotting program results from Fortran or C++.


Fortran 90/95 texts and links
Fortran 90 Tutorial
Fortran 90 Tutorials
"Principles of Programming"
Numerical Recipes Home Page
PGPLOT - a powerful library for plotting program results from Fortran or C++.


NEdit - the multi-purpose X Windows text editor
Kate - KDE's text editor
KDE - the K Desktop Environment for Unix
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
Cygwin - Free Unix tools that run under MS-Windows
Welcome to O'Reilly & Associates -- computer books, software conferences, online publishing
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
Knoppix - bootable, Live-CD version of Linux that you can try out without installing
Fedora Core - the version of Linux that is installed on the Physics and CS computers.
Ubuntu Linux - if you are ready to take the Linux plunge, a nice distribution for beginners
Debian GNU/Linux - my personal favorite