Contact Information

Instructors:Kris Nairn Lynn Zielger Jim Crumley
Office: 239 PE 215 PE 107 PE

Course Information

Class: 8 am Days 6
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Course Goals

This course is meant to give you a chance to work on interesting things that you wouldn’t get to do in a typical, math computer science, or physics course. You will be work on cross-displinary problems and learn skills from all three fields

You will generally work on the problems in groups. After your solutions are done, your group will present its solution to the class. You will often get more than one cycle to work on a problem.

On some class days we will have observers from the MapCores FYS class who will come to listen to your solutions.

Course Goals

In this course you will gain:


The grade for this course will be based on your group’s solutions to the problems and your presentations of those solutions.

Course Schedule

CycleDate Topics Due
1W 9/01 Introduce Python programming, brain teasers
2F 9/10 Programming present brain teasers
3M 9/20 Programming and Geometry (handouts)
4T 9/28 Programming (assign rabbits and foxes) and Geometrypresent shapes
5W 10/06Introduce soldering
6M 10/18finish soldering present soldering
7T 10/26Introduce Lego robots present rabbits and foxes
8W 11/03Work on robots present robots
9R 11/11Introduce mass extinction, Mathematica
10F 11/19Work on mass extinction
11R 12/02Work on mass extinction
12F 12/10present on mass extinction