Contact Information

Instructor:Jim Crumley
Office: 107 Peter Engel Science Center
Phone: 363–3183

Course Information

Lab: 1:00-5:00 Day 5/6
Room: 167/110/112/146 Peter Engel Science Center
Web Site:


A lab assignment and three experiments will be completed by each lab group during the semester. All groups will be doing the Rocket and Magnetopause experiments, and either the speed of sound or torsion pendulum experiment. The experiments will be graded based on your lab notebooks. As well as recording your data and doing the necessary calculations, be sure to answer all of the questions from the lab in your notebook. The final project for this course is a oral presentation about one of your labs.

Course Schedule

Roughly half of the time there will be a lecture at 1:00 pm introducing the concepts behind a lab and tools needed for a lab. For completing the experiments, you are free to work when you like as long turn the assignments in on time, though I recommend that you do at least some of your work during the scheduled lab periods. Note that points will be deducted for late assignments. Also, note the due dates for labs in the schedule below.

Cycle DateLecture Due
1F–M 1/16–19Introduction / Unix Tutorial
2M–T 1/26–27Rocket Lab Unix Tutorial
3T–W 2/03–04Magnetopause Lab
4W–R 2/11–12Torsion Pendulum
5 R–F 2/29–20Speed of Sound Lab
6F–M 2/27–09
7M–T 3/16–171st of 3 labs
8T–W 3/24–25
9W–R 4/01–02
10T–W 4/14–15A few words about Lab talks2nd of 3 labs
11 R–F 4/23–24Lab talks
12F–M 5/01–04
FW F 5/083rd of 3 labs


The grade for this class will be based 15 % on the lab talks presentation report and 85 % on the lab notebooks.