Science Policy and Astronomy

Links to articles regarding science policy. Some articles are listed in more than one area. I am still in the process of adding more articles. There are many good sites to look for other articles, but among the best are The Space Review and Science.

I. General Policy Issues

A. Free market vs. government support

B. Types of Research

C. Gender Issues

D. Science: Good or Bad


II. Astronomy vs. Other Sciences

A. Basic Knowledge / Exploration

b. Spinoffs

c. Inspiration

d. Practical Applications


III. Issues within Astronomy

A. Robotic or Manned Exploration Missions

B. Ground-based or Space Telescopes

C. Save the Hubble space telescope ?

D. New Space Policy


IV. Astronomy and Politics

A. International

1. Competition and Power

2. Cooperation and Harmony

B. American politics