Honors 100 Tentative Syllabus

You should understand that this syllabus will be in a near-constant state of flux. This is the first time this course has been taught so we will be constantly changing it to fit what actually happens in class as opposed to our best guess at the moment.

Par==Paradigm's Lost         Nobel==Nobel Prize Women in Science      American==The Best American Science Writing 2005
Robot==I, Robot                  Handbook==The Bedford Handbook             Philo=Philosophy and the Real World
Proof==Proofs and Refutations                                                                    Handouts==Extra Handouts/Readings

Library Excursion I
Introduction to FYS
Philsophical Underpinnings of Science
Scientific Reasoning I: Fermi Estimates
Library Exercise
Fermi Estimates
Discussion on Philosophy of Science
Diagnostic Essay
Angier paper on Fermi Estimates
Par: Introduction
Philo: Chapter 1

The nature of intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Assign paper on philosophy of science
Exercise on "what is science"
Discuss Artificial Intelligence
First Draft of paper due
Par: Chapter 5
Nobel Chapter 1,3
Robot Introduction & "Liar"
Some historical and Fictional Women in Science
Individual meetings about draft 2 of paper 1
Discussion about Meitner and Noether
Discussion about Susan Calvin and Madame Curie
Final version of paper due
Paper about a chosen scientist and Susan Calvin assigned
Nobel Chapter 4, 2
Robot "Little Lost Robot" and "Escape"
Some more recent Women in Science
Small group discussion of draft of second paper
Discussion contrasting modern women scientists and Meitner,
    Noether, and Madame Curie
Nobel Chapter 11,15
Robot "Evidence"
The Drake Equation

Exercise on the existence of Extraterrestrials
Discussion contrasting modern women scientists and Meitner, Noether, and Madame Curie/Discussion on "The Evitable Conflict"
Discussion of Drake Equation
Robot "The Evitable Conflict"

Paradigm's Chapter 6
The search for other extra-solar planets

Planet-finding spacecraft

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Discussion of search for extra-solar planets

Recent planet finding missions Kepler and CoRoT

discuss SETI
American: Looking for Planets by Dennis Overby
Nova Science Now: Hunt for Alien Earths
NASA Planetquest: Overview, Science - Finding Planets, and Science - Finding Life.

Video Podcast about Kepler Mission links to several formats in bottom half of page.
For Alien Life-Seekers, New Reason to Hope
First Results from Kepler Spacecraft: Press release and journal article
The CoRoT Mission
CoRoT's discovery of the smallest extra-solar planet yet discovered - Press Release and journal article. In the journal article, you are only responsible for the abstract, introduction, and discussion sections, though you may want to skim the rest of it and see what you can get from some of the graphs.

American: "Seeking Life as We Know It" by K.C. Cole
Nova Science Now: The Search for ET
Scientists Reach Out to Distant Worlds by Natalie Angier
Searching for Good Science: The Cancellation of NASA's SETI Program
The New and Improved SETI

Discuss Contact

Speeches on topics related to finding extraterrestrial life

watch Contact






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