Attendance Policy for Courses with Andrew Whitford Holey

ATTENDANCE—Course Participation

"Students are required to attend all class meetings of courses for which they are registered." (Academic Catalog 2017–2018: Class Attendance.) I will keep a record your attendance at all classes and labs. You will lose one-half grade in the course for the fourth unexcused absence and an additional half grade for every two unexcused absence thereafter; in courses with scheduled labs, you must attend and complete at least three-fourths of the labs to pass the course. Note that under this policy, you can easily drop a whole grade or more with only a few absences, and in my experience, students who miss many classes tend not to do well on assignments and exams. Excused absences are for circumstances beyond your control only. Note also that if you arrive late to class or lab, I do not have an obligation to mark you present.