MATH JOBS, INTERSHIP SUGGESTIONS This list is definitely not comprehensive but it does allow the organized math student the opportunity to peruse varying jobs and summer interships. Keep in mind that the application deadlines vary so it's best to check these out early (September).

For samples of resumes and cover letters, go to CSBSJU Career Services Sample Resume

Appalachian State University has a nice listing of math jobs Appalachain State Unversity

The MAA Online (Mathematical Association of America) Career Profiles discusses jobs of mathematicians. It is very informative website and crucial for understanding how varied Operations Reserach (OR) jobs truly are.

For those of you who want to stay in mathematics but are interested in discovering new methods to teach math to students you might think about graduate school in Math Education. One of the premier places to study this is Teachers College Columbia University.

The National Security Agency NSA is one of the largest employers of mathematicians. This site is the main career page where you should select Job Search and choose your areas. This gives an updated list of the jobs available with the NSA. Be aware that they have early deadlines (15 Oct - Dec) so do not procrastinate.

For those of you who are geared more toward engineering/computational work, the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute typically has summer internships where you can utilize your math/physics knowledge. A few other government laboratories that typically have summer internships as well as excellent jobs for mathematicians are Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory . Keep in mind that their application deadlines are similar to the NSA.

I wanted to include the University of Minnesota's IMA Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications. The IMA holds short events during the academic year. Their focus is on interdisciplinary areas of research. These are typically for graduate students but there is no reason a junior or senior math major could not attend/audit an event.

NASA has a number of summer internship possibilities. There is a large database of student research opportunities for students in physics and astronomy called The Nucleus . They are interested in hiring mathematics students as well. The NASA

Goddard Program is the site for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This lists news, events, summer and graduation jobs for undergraduates.

If you are interested in being an actuary or want to know what one does then please see the site Actuarial Science which is the most comprehensive site for actuarial science. Note also that the SJU Career Services Center has copies of previous exams I,II as well as corresponding solutions. Companies, such as St. Paul Travelers, generally like students to have passed at least the first exam before applying. If you would like to learn more about the Travelers internship and Actuarial Leadership Development Programs then see St. Paul Travelers Programs The exams are ever evolving, so this site is a good reference to keep up to date on the changes. Right on the home page, there is a link to “Exam P/1 Information”, which has taken the place of the old Exam 1. A lot of students start their actuarial exam experience with this (now computer based) exam (many others start with exam FM, formerly the second exam in the process). Exam P/1 is offered 4 times a year now. For CSB/SJU students serious in pursuing actuarial science as a career, it is highly recommended taking this exam early. The actuarial science career is fairly competitive. The level of competition has definitely risen over the years, with increased awareness of the career and actuarial science programs at universities. Because of this increased awareness, students are graduating college with 2+ exams (we get some resumes with 4 exams), making it sometimes difficult for those with no exams to be noticed. Our policy at Travelers actually dictates that you must have at least one exam passed to be admitted into our Actuarial Leadership Development Program. Travelers does not have such a policy for internships, however, and an internship is definitely the best way to get your foot in the door at a company. That being said, they do hire full-time candidates with no exam experience, but they are not hired directly into the ALDP. Travelers has had a few students come on full-time, work in their job for a year or two, pass a couple exams and then apply for entry into the ALDP. Another wonderful link is that of Duke Math and check out page 13 for more information on the course sequence they suggest if you want to be an actuary.

If you are possibly thinking about graduate school in mathematics (pure or applied) then you should read The following site has student descriptions of their REU experience Is an REU right for you? The MAA has a website with the summer research programs REUs In particular, Carleton College has a summer program (freshman and sophomores) for womyn only.

The Mayo Clinic has jobs for mathematicians. In particular, the DATA ANALYST position has the following qualifications: A bachelor's degree in statistics, math or computer science with a statistics emphasis. Experience with computer software packages for data management and statistical analysis are required. Experience with SAS, Splus and Ingress on UNIX or mainframe platforms is preferred. Proven written and oral communication skills are essential, as well as a commitment to accuracy and an ability to work independently. A knowledge of current medical terminology is helpful.

A number of our graduates have chosen to work in the area of biostatistics in The School of Public Health. There are a number of excellent programs in the country but I will list two: University of Michigan and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill for you to go to the sites and see what is expected and what a typical graduate student will do. Students are required to have taken a year of statistics.

There is this incredible program in Center for BioDynamics at Boston University. It is a highly selective program for computational neurobiology. However, if this is something that turns you on then check out the site to determine what prerequisites are required. A related link is that for a graduate degree in Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience PMCN. This program combines the physical sciences and neuroscience. Those applying to this specific program are in the Cognitive and Neural Systems , the Dept of Biomedical Engineering or The Center for BioDynamics.