MaPCoReS Sophomore Problem Seminar Fall 2009

Lynn Ziegler , Kris Nairn, and Jim Crumley, Instructors

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Class Meeting time: Day 1 at 2:40 in P. Engel 208. (Location may change.)


In this course we will work on a variety of different problems. The main focus will be on applications in which knowledge from mathematics, computer science, and physics is helpful in attacking the problem.

You will generally work on the problem in groups. In most cases the groups will have members who have done coursework in all three disciplines. After your solution is done, your group will present its solution to the class. You will often get more than one cycle to work on a problem.

On some days we will have observers for the MaPCoReS FYS class who will come to listen to your solution.

The grade for this course will be based on your group's solutions to the problems and your presentation of those solutions.

Week 1: Some "brain teaser" puzzles

              Here is a link to a Python tutorial