Lejos Stuff: (Lejos is a java virtual machine for lego mindstorm robots.)

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If you are using Windows, you might try this youtube.

For Linux, I recommend this web site.

If you are familiar with Eclipse, the Eclipse plugin is very slick.

Sample Programs are in a zip on the bottom of the Download latest version page.


       a. Teach it to trace out a square and an equilateral triangle of roughly one foot on a side for each.

       b. Teach it to follow the grey tape in room 204 using a Lejos algorithm

If you finish this, start on the next assignment which is:

  1. Teach it to start on one end of the big white board with the black squares, go along one column to the end and turn around and come back on the next column to the left. Try to make it so that the robot stays inside the boundaries of each column.

  2. Teach it to visit each square on the board, beeping each time it reaches a new square.

You will each have your own lego mindstorm NXJ. You will want to build and add more capabilities as the problems get more difficult. I especially recommend using color sensors or light sensors and sonar.