If you do not have a Java-enabled browser like Netscape 2, you cannot view this applet. If you do, then you can "play" with this old IBM PC Basic based program. (This is based on my recollection of that Squiral program, but since I did not have the source code, I wrote it myself to work like I remembered the original program working. If anyone can find the original author, I would love to give credit for their work.)

The idea is to enter three numbers which will cause rectangles to be drawn on the screen in a spiraling pattern determined by three numbers:

If anyone knows who originally wrote this, please mail the name to me so I can credit the original creator. Also, I would love to have you send me any "interesting" combinations of angle, decrement, and iterations to lziegler@csbsju.edu

Click here for source code for the applet.
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